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European Project Officer - Production and management of data on the use of agrobiodiversity in short and mid-tier food chains




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The job position is open within the participatory DIVINFOOD European project (Research and innovation project funded in the Research programme Horizon 2020), which aims to co-develop interactive short and mid-tier food supply chains valuing neglected and underutilised crops (NUCs), both to contribute to reverse the decline of agrobiodiversity and to meet consumer-citizens’ expectations ( The project involves 26 partners (research institutes, farmer organisations, technical institutes, consumer associations, local authorities, etc.) from 7 countries (Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland), and relies on 9 living labs favouring collaboration and experimentation with local actors. It started on 1 March 2022, and will last 5 years.

DIVINFOOD partners will co-produce, with local actors, especially farmers, small-scale processors, restaurant chefs, and consumers, many quantitative and qualitative agronomic, biochemical, economic, social, spatial, etc. data relative to the use of NUCs in agriculture, food processing and marketing (ways of using NUCs, impacts, etc.). The job consists mainly to support and coordinate the production of FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) and quality data in and between the work packages and the living labs, to structure and manage a common database, to organise its open access, and to facilitate its use by DIVINFOOD partners and external stakeholders/end-users, through a support-decision tool for farmers and small-scale processors in particular. A general support to the project coordination is also expected.

Profil recherché

Training and skills required

The position is open to a candidate with a Master's degree, with skills in agronomy and, if possible, in economic and social sciences as the job requires managing data from various disciplines. Experience in data production (through questionnaires and interviews), in data base development and in data management is required, as well the ability to speak English fluently.

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